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Daryl D.

“David is a man of integrity and conviction. I highly recommend him as both a counselor and life coach. He treats his clients with great care offers them the gift of listening.”

Vera B.

The medical missionary training I took last week was awesome. I learn alot of new things like how we are made of the dust of the ground and all the food grow out of the ground and they have all the minerials that our bodies need. And by eating junk for we are not getting what our bodies need and we get different diseases. And I took note of how all the disease that we have today are all in Exodus. Now I understand why God has me eatting the way I do and my excising daily. Now I can help other people how they need to take care of there bodies and I can show them Jesus at the same time. I can see more of God plan for me now. Thanks so much for this training and I pray I can get more training in this area.

Joseph B.

"David has excellent management skills and knows how to effectively delegate.  David is truly a passionate person focused on developing programs/services to meet the needs of the community."

..and more.

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